Cloud Computing

The term “Cloud” is being thrown around to mean so many different things. SimpleCloud helps make all of these different ideas, well, Simple. Our Cloud is built around the unique needs of the insurance agency and also the ideas of Redundancy, High-Availability, and Failover. SimpleCloud is Powered by Citrix, and this means we can now provide your small business with enterprise class technology previously only available to the largest corporations.

Cloud-hosted desktops have many compelling advantages when compared with hosting applications in-house. These include increased control over your desktop environment by improved operating system performance:a virtualized desktop doesn’t falter and deteriorate over time as the Windows registry becomes cluttered with updates and new software installations. Additionally, cloud-hosted desktops provide improved data security by centralizing desktop management in the data center, which in itself is a secured environment. This is an attractive feature for growing agencies in the ongoing battle to protect sensitive data as workers become increasingly mobile.

Desktop virtualization with SimpleCloud helps tighten security, reduce costs and boost user productivity by promoting a flexible computing model that lets employees access their desktop environments from virtually any device, anywhere in the world.