Insurance Hosted Solutions

Your Agency Management System and the data stored in it is one of your most important assets within your company. Without it, your employees are unable to successfully do their job, access client data, supply carriers with required information, etc. Simply put, without it your business would fail. Are you confident that your system and the data stored within it is safe, secure and reliable? SimpleCloud IT specializes in the key areas of Reliability, Mobility, and Security for your agency data. We bring the power of cloud computing to your current Agency Management System. In turn, giving you the peace of mind that your system and all the data within it will always be available when you need it.

Reliable -

The power of cloud computing takes IT to a different level, providing you with the most reliable IT solution available. With guaranteed uptime, SimpleCloud has built in backups, failover, and disaster recovery.

Mobile -

Mobility no longer means lugging around a laptop from hotspot to hotspot.

Everyone is aware of the cool factor associated with tablet devices, but how can you really make it work for your Insurance company? Simple Cloud provides your business the mobility and flexibility a traditional network cannot. Providing a standard desktop environment that is supported on ALL leading tablet OS’s

Secure -

SimpleCloud features multi-layered security from the datacenter down to the hypervisor. This means your data is not only physically secure it also won’t be seen by unauthorized eyes online.

SimpleCloud is built on a solid foundation of security.