Clients & Testimonials

At a chance meeting with an underwriter 400 miles from my office, my ability to use my tablet device to fully access my client database and pull up critical client information straight out of my agency management system allowed me to resolve a key disconnect with the insurance carrier, meet my client’s needs, and save a key renewal for us both. $40,000 in revenue to my agency was at stake. Without SimpleCloud, I couldn’t have done it.

Rick Dudney, CIC, LRM
Managing Partner
TCOR Insurance Management

I have been using what they call ‘Thin Client’ to access my hosted desktop instead of a complete desktop PC or laptop since I joined the agency on 6/1/11 and I have had nothing but a positive experience. The fact that the Thin Client and hosted desktop looks and feels just like a standard PC but has the security of everything being stored on a server rather than an internal hard drive makes this device user friendly and secure. No more worrying about losing that much needed document, important email or time consuming presentation I just created. I also enjoy the mobility aspect of the Thin Client. I can access all my work programs and documents from my home computer and it mirrors that environment as if I was sitting at my office desk. Due to the positive outcome I’ve had with the Thin Client, SimpleCloud has begun switching others in the office to this device and I know they will have the same positive results as I have.

Jaemi Moore
Benefits Account Manager